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Asking for consent should be an expected and continuously occurring step in any relationship whether the relationship lasts for a few minutes or for a lifetime. Accepting a culture that does not value consent is very dangerous and often leads to perpetuating different forms of sexual violence. We need to encourage dialogue about asking for consent because it will promote an understanding that each person knows what is best for themselves. This will empower children and adults alike to respect one another even if the end result is not what they had hoped. We must all recognize that we are not entitled to anyone else's body under any circumstances. An easy way to spread the word about consent is by rocking one of our T-shirts to help educate others while you’re at school, on the subway, at the farmers market, or anywhere else you enjoy spending your time!

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Mission & Goals

Only With Consent is dedicated to stopping sexual violence through consent and health education. We exist to provide resources to young people so that they can make healthy choices. Our goals are to educate people of all ages about consent and encourage all people to take action. We are creating age-appropriate educational curriculum that can be used in schools across the country. This will open up dialogue around consent which is the first and most important step to create consent culture... / Read More

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This July we are headed to the San Diego Pride Parade and San Diego Comic-Con to spread consent... / Read More
One of the reasons why the survivor from Stanford's letter is so powerful is because it resonates... / Read More
This post goes out to every person who is a victim/survivor of sexual assault or rape. Please... / Read More

Educating the Masses

We've done workshops and keynotes at Penn State University •  San Diego State University • Wofford College • San Diego Teen Gender Equity Conference • Texas Christian University  •  and more! If you are interested in bringing Only With Consent to your school or local community organization please click here.

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