In order to promote consent culture, we must continue to share and discuss the ways we ask for consent, how we upset rape culture, and how we can make an impact in stopping sexual violence. If you would like to submit a blog post to be featured, please email it to for review. 

Only With Consent is gearing up for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in April with our Consent on Campus Campaign and we need your help! Our goal is to spread the message about consent to 5 campuses/conferences before the end of May 2015. We... / Read More
[Trigger Warning: Body image, weight, sexual assault]   This past November I decided to work with a trainer because I knew I needed to refocus my energy while working out. Two years ago, I started a program and was doing well. Then like most... / Read More
Halloweekend is upon us! This weekend will be filled with crazy costumes, scary foods, and some wild parties. If you choose to participate in any of those activities, sober or not, remember that it is still your responsibility to ask your partner... / Read More
Sunday night, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 967, which is also known as the “Yes Means Yes” law. This piece of legislation, pertaining to California’s institutions of higher education, puts the responsibility on someone engaging in sexual... / Read More
I’ve been tagged in a lot of Facebook posts recently about the nail-polish that changes colors when exposed to a handful of popular drugs used to facilitate rape. I want to thank everyone who has thought of Only With Consent and me when they have... / Read More
Only With Consent supports guest bloggers who wish to share their stories. The views and opinions expressed in these blog posts are those of the authors and may not necessarily reflect those of Only With Consent [Trigger Warning: Child abuse and... / Read More
[Trigger Warning: Cyber Stalking]   In the previous blog post, I explained that I was dealing with a cyber-stalker, which was why I had been quiet for a bit of time. As an activist, I knew there was a possibility that this could happen to me... / Read More
Hello! Jasmin here, just wanting to give everyone an update on what has been going on with Only With Consent recently. Some of you may have noticed the brief silence from the team. There weren't any posts because I was dealing with a cyber stalker... / Read More
One of the most common responses to someone sharing their story of being sexually assaulted is when outsiders decide the survivor was "asking for it." Let's make one thing clear... NOBODY is EVER asking to be raped. It doesn't matter what they are... / Read More
This past weekend I was granted the opportunity to visit the White House to work with the Task Force Against Campus Sexual Assault. It was an incredible opportunity. One that totally shook up my world. I found out the week before that I was invited... / Read More
One of the most amazing experiences I had at Penn State was watching a group of people come together in an awesome way. It was my second year of actively participating in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” and by this time, the event had grown a lot.... / Read More
Rape Culture is a culture in which sexual violence is normalized and even condoned in popular culture. Misogynistic language, the glamorization of sexual violence, and the cultural acceptance of victim blaming perpetuates rape culture. People who... / Read More
Consent culture is a culture in which asking for consent is normalized and condoned in popular culture. It is respecting the person’s response even if it isn’t the response you had hoped for. We will live in a consent culture when we no longer... / Read More
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