Rape Culture

Rape Culture is a culture in which sexual violence is normalized and even condoned in popular culture. Misogynistic language, the glamorization of sexual violence, and the cultural acceptance of victim blaming perpetuates rape culture. People who are unfamiliar with the term "rape culture" are often put off by the idea because they think people are being too dramatic. The reality is 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience sexual assault before her/his 18th birthday. Studies also show that about 1 in 5 women is a survivor of attempted or completed sexual violence while in college. These numbers are staggeringly high. It is critical for each person to take a stand a no longer participate in rape culture. We must call rape culture out anytime we see it. We cannot sit back and accept this because people are suffering at our hands. 

Rape culture is victim blaming. “She was asking for it.” “He shouldn’t have been there that late.”
Rape culture is street harassment. "Hey baby, smile for us", "Sweet Cleavage" 
Rape culture is inflating false rape statistics.
Rape culture is schools not protecting their students who have been assaulted.
Rape culture is when schools and organizations support their athletes who are rapists and call the survivors career-destroyers.
Rape culture is trivializing someone’s experiences.
Rape culture is believing that only sexually provocative people get assaulted.
Rape culture is believing someone “deserves” to be raped.
Rape culture is not listening and/or not believing someone’s experience.
Rape culture is teaching women not to get raped instead of teaching men not to rape.
Rape culture is the idea that “No” means, “Yes.”
Rape culture is people believing that, “No” means, "Convince me."
Rape culture is when journalists use the words "sex" and rape" interchangebly. 
Rape culture is anti-rape wear.
Rape culture is rape jokes. "That exam raped me" "I am about to rape this burrito"
Rape culture is not believing a survivor because the alleged perpetrator is famous or holds a position of power.
Rape culture is the ability to beat up and or kill a prostitute in a video game.

Rape culture surrounds us in many aspects of our lives. It’s time we do something about it.

Stand up. Speak up. Upset rape culture with us. Your voice matters.

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