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One of the most amazing experiences I had at Penn State was watching a group of people come together in an awesome way. It was my second year of actively participating in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” and by this time, the event had grown a lot. Seeing the sea of people walking awkwardly through campus in heels was one thing, but the heads that turned to see what it was all about marked the success. The first year I walked in my sneakers as the parade of proud people strutted through campus in their heels. The majority of the people walking were men, but there were supporters there as well. This March was a statement, saying that people need to know about sexual violence, and they need to be talking about it to make a change. My senior year, the group of individuals marching together was enormous. So many people turned up, we took up the entire steps of the Boucke building. It made my heart happy to know that this many people were supporting other humans who have been so wrongly treated. The walk does have its humorous points as grown men stumble in heels, but it is filled with heartfelt respect for survivors of sexual assault. This topic is not always easy to discuss, but events help bring it into our daily conversation. 

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