Founder's Story

During my senior year of high school I was raped by someone I was dating at the time. As a student in a private Catholic school, I felt I did not have the support from the faculty and staff to reach out for help because I didn't think any of them would believe me. I thought the faculty and staff would blame my actions instead of the actions of the person who raped me. I moved on and tried to leave the past behind me. Lucky for me, I was accepted into my dream school, Penn State. I had the opportunity to move clear across the country where I thought I would be safe.

Unfortunately, during my first year of college at Penn State, I was raped, again. This time I was in a fraternity house close to campus. I was assaulted by someone I genuinely trusted and spent a lot of my time with. While sitting in a Women’s Studies class, a woman from the local women’s resource center did a presentation about acquaintance rape. At that moment I was able to identify what happened to me. I always knew something felt very wrong about both situations but at the time I didn’t think it was rape. I thought rape only happened when a scary, bearded, old guy jumped out of the bushes and kidnapped someone. The truth is more than 90% of people who are raped knew the rapist before they were assaulted. That day, I learned that I fell into the 90% both times.

After sharing my experiences with some close friends I realized I was not alone. The more people I shared my story with the more people opened up about their experiences at home, at school, and across the world. I realized very quickly that I needed to speak up and address this horrendous act of violence. I felt like my power and control had already been taken away from me. I thought speaking up about what happened to me was the only way I could gain it back. One day, while I was sitting in my dorm room I decided to take my ideas and put them into action. With the support of a good friend of mine who listened, believed my story, and shared her story, we decided to take action. A few months later Only With Consent came to fruition.



Meet Jasmin - Founder and Executive Director

I am a California girl with a head and heart focused on helping others. I graduated from Penn State with a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Communication Arts and Sciences and a minor in Women’s Studies. I am passionate about changing the world. I am is so grateful for the support I have had from my friends, family, and colleagues throughout this journey of healing. I look forward to educating people about the the importance of consent and the realities of sexual violence. Sexual Assault is traumatizing and life changing and I want people to teach people about that so they see the importance of asking for consent. While I have been able to speak up about what happened to me, it does not take away from the long days and nights that I have had to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the heartbreak I’ve experienced over the years, and the long period of time I felt worthless because of what happened to me. I have learned a lot about myself through this journey. Most importantly, I learned that with time, I have come out of the horrific experiences as a stronger woman. I will teach about consent every day of my life to try to ensure the safety of people across the globe. I know sexual violence won't come to a complete stop because there are some sick people in the world but if I can teach the majority of people to value consent we will make progress and less and less people will be victims of sexual violence.



Meet Mike - Director of Education

I grew up in Pennsylvania, where I learned the value of helping others and volunteering from my family. The experiences that I had lead me to Penn State where I continued to volunteer wherever I could, and pursued a degree in Kinesiology. While at Penn State, I met the amazing Jasmin Enriquez. Her passion for changing the world was inspiring and was like a vortex that attracted some amazing people. Many of those amazing people helped Only With Consent reach the point that it is today. I can’t thank them enough, and I am glad to see people from all different backgrounds stand up and say that sexual violence is unacceptable.

I try to bring perspectives to this cause as partner of a survivor, an advocate, and an educator. I am not a survivor, but I am here to be a friend, a resource, a supporter, and an ally. I am optimistic in the future of Only With Consent and I am ready to be on the front lines of upsetting rape culture and generating consent culture. 

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