July Update!

Hello! Jasmin here, just wanting to give everyone an update on what has been going on with Only With Consent recently. Some of you may have noticed the brief silence from the team. There weren't any posts because I was dealing with a cyber stalker for a few weeks. It silenced me and made me reevaluate the work that I am doing with Only With Consent. It was an overwhelming and traumatizing experience that opened my eyes to what people have to live through when they are dealing with a situation similar to mine. (More on that to come...)

I promised myself that I would get back into writing and working on Only With Consent work, no matter what, the evening of my birthday (today)! I ended up checking in with the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault this morning and Only With Consent was invited back to the White House for another meeting on Tuesday, 7/29/2014! What an exciting birthday surprise, right?

Through this experience, I learned that no matter how overwhelming things may seem, if they feel right in your heart, they are worth pursuing. It may take longer because of obstacles along the way, but it is important to continue pushing forward. 

If you are interested in helping me continue to break the silence, please help us get to the White House next week by purchasing a shirt to spread the message or by donating online! All of your contributions mean the world to us! We wouldn't be here without your support. Thank you!

For more information about the action steps and recommendations the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault is taking please read the first report they released on April 29, 2014 titled "Not Alone."

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