In 2012 Only With Consent partnered with campus student groups to organize the first ever ‘Sexual Violence Awareness Week’ at Penn State’s University Park campus. The goal of the week was to inform students and the surrounding community on topics of consent and sexual violence. To get people talking about subjects that are often treated as taboo, we created the "Only Do It With Consent. Stop Sexual Violence" shirts. These shirts helped turn individuals into advocates who helped spread the message of consent. The shirts also created dialogue around the issue which is an important step in genereating consent culture. 1,500 advocates in 2012 grew to 6,000 in 2013. You can be apart of that number doubling or even trippling in 2014.

It's important to remeber that to create consent culture we must all actively take part in taking a stand against sexual violence. These shirts are an easy way to publicly speak out which we believe is incredibly important in creating a shift within the circles you are already in. It takes brave individuals who are willing to address the topic up front and share the message to create a culture that recognizes the need to talk about and value consent. Stand with us, rock one of our shirts, and above all else, remember to only do it with consent.

NOTE: 1.) The pink shirt is more of a neon color and less of a magenta color. 2.) When you are purchasing the shirt the pink shirt will show as the icon no matter what color you choose. That is normal. As long as the text next to it reads correctly you will get the correct shirt. :)


We are sold out of the SMALL black and green shirt. However, it still shows up as an option. We encourage you to check out the SMALL pink and black or blue and black alternatives instead! 

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I pledge to obtain consent because I understand and believe that sexual violence is unacceptable.
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