Mission & Goals

Our mission is to stop sexual violence through consent education. By upsetting rape culture, and generating consent culture we will help create a safe space for people across the world. Our goals are to educate people of all ages about consent and encourage all people to take action. We are creating age-appropriate educational curriculum that can be used in schools across the country. This will open up dialogue around consent which is the first and most important step towards creating consent culture.

All people, regardless of their age, gender, gender identity/expression, sexuality, religious beliefs, marital status, socioeconomic class, race, clothing choices (or lack thereof), mental state of mind, or developmental abilities, have the right to not have their personal space violated verbally or physically.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t exercise your power and privilege over anyone to get what you want, ever. Don’t street harass. Don’t touch without asking. Ask for consent and respond accordingly.

Some of our goals are to: 

  • create age appropriate educational curriculum that will teach students about consent, the importance of asking for consent, and how consent relates to sexual violence. 
  • have people define consent correctly and pledge to obtain consent every time, no matter what.
  • be as inclusive throughout the educational process to ensure people of all different backgrounds are not left out. 
  • create new ways of explaining consent culture and how it transcends the boundaries of sexual activity. (i.e. not forcing someone to eat something they don't want to eat or not forcing someone to go somewhere they do not want to go.)
  • teach respect for one another and for oneself.
  • break down traditional gender roles, masculinity, and femininity to explain that none of them influence whether you must ask for consent or not. the answer is to always ask for consent, no matter what.
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