Comic Con 2015

We decided to head over to Comic Con because there has been an influx in people sharing personal anecdotes about how they have been sexually harassed and/or groped while they were at Con. The behavior is so common there is a term for it: “Creeping at a con.”

People need to understand that cosplay doesn’t equal consent. Regardless of what someone is wearing, who they are cosplaying, or what they look like, it is never acceptable to touch or harass them. People attend Comic Con to have fun not to be worried about being harassed in - what should be - a safe-space.

Leading up to Comic Con we shared some comics based on a superhero we created called Captain Consent. On Friday morning, we went down to the San Diego Convention Center where Comic Con was taking place. Before we even got to our destination there were people taking pictures of our sign on the trolley! 

Once we arrived we handed out 400 stickers and pamphlets and took pictures with people who were exploring downtown. We played mini-golf with Hannibal Buress - the comedian who called out Bill Cosby for being a rapist in one of his shows - gave him an “only do it with consent” sticker, and made friends with some awesome people from Canvass for Cause!

The best part of SDCC was the amount of people who were so excited to see us spreading consent education around town. There were people giving us high fives and thumbs up, taking pictures with our sign, and even people thanking us for being there. It was a reminder that the work we are doing is important and necessary in every community. Overall, we had a good time. We are bummed it is over already but can’t wait to head back next year!


If you are interested in supporting Only With Consent continue community outreach donate here.

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